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Lindsay Lohan VS Hilary Duff Icon Challenge

Lindsay Lohan vs Hilary Duff Icon Challenge
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Hey everyone! Welcome to my new icon challenge llxhd_challenge! I'm your moderator candybarsodapop. The idea behind this challenge is pretty simple. Basically this runs almost exactly like any regular challenge, but there is a twist. There will be a Hilary Duff and a Lindsay Lohan challenge run at the same time. At the end of those challenges the winners will get banners just like normal. But the first place winners of each challenge will "battle" against each other to be the ultimate winner. Inspired by bsxca_challenge (Challenge no longer exists)

1. You may submit 2 icons per girl.
2. Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb + 100X100px)
3. Animation is not allowed
4. Only use the pictures provided
5. All work submitted must be your own
6. Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over

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